Why Giving to Teams Will Change Your Childcare Business

No matter who you are the act of giving does something extraordinary. This post gives seven ways of considering giving to your team. Giving should be consistent (not just christmas) when done with the right heart, your team will always go that extra mile.

Gift vouchers (the safe option) – always a good bet and let’s face it everyone likes gift vouchers. They are a good and simple sign of appreciation and allows for the recipient to go choose whatever gift they please.

Christmas party (the tricky option) – as great as it sounds you need to be an octopus to pull this off! Trying to get everyone together without disrupting the business, children and parents too much can be challenging and you wouldn’t want to leave anyone out. A suggestion maybe to close the doors a little early (ensuring parents have ample notice) and begin the celebrations early or you could aim for a Saturday slot.

Personalised gift (the thoughtful option) – personalised gifts are memorable and thoughtful and show a certain appreciation and value of your colleagues rather than giving a gift for giving sake. Make them smile but be sure not to offend.

Giving to charity (the charitable option) – many businesses offer to donate to charities by collating the money they would have spent on each other to those in need. This can be very gratifying for colleagues and can at times bring a real sense of unity to the team. If you want to go a step further you could opt for colleagues to help out with local ‘soup kitchens’ which assist in giving a meal to the homeless and needy and elderly.

Gift of time (the almost free option) – gifts can be costly and dependant on the size of your team you may end up breaking the bank. An alternative could be to support your colleagues work-life balance over the Christmas by closing for a bit longer; offering longer lunches or late starts.

Food glorious food (the tasteful option) – a box of chocolates can go very far and is possibly one of the most opted for gifts which tends to go down well. Beverages can also be tasteful gift as long as you know who favours alcohol and who doesn’t. What ever you decide be thoughtful when giving food as some cultures or individuals may not appreciate certain products.

Have fun with giving.