Social Media – 6 Check Points To Consider

 It’s a must that we are aware of risks in order to protect our identity, when it comes to working in early years so here are some useful tips to share with you.

#1  The entire world can potentially see your social media communications; remember it is your responsibility to create a safe place for children and families.

#2  Ask yourself this question – are your social media posts relevant for any one to read on the internet? If yes. Great!  If your not sure then perhaps you might want to think through what you post

#3  Use social media privacy controls when sharing and bare in mind that others connected to your network can share/like your posts.

#4  Anything that is offensive or can be deemed offensive on your pages, use the remove comments options dependent on the social media platform you use.

#5  Recent research by Samsung spoke to 4000 workers of which 40% went against their company’s policies to use social media in work time. What do your social media policies convey?

#6  We all have a responsibility to maintain a good ethical behaviour so regular reviews of policies enable better communications and promote the welfare of children and their families.

Does your childcare business have a social media requirement? Contact EYB to find how we can help get your business actively online.