Ready, Steady Go! Email Marketing Tips

This week we have put together a bite size list of ‘Ready, Steady, Go’ tips for email marketing to communicate with parents, colleagues and authorities.

Please do add to our tips if you have had success with any other tips.

#1 Always get permission to communicate to parents and key stakeholders. One of the ways we recommend to early years providers is to ask your website manager implement a way to encourage parents to sign up to your newsletters. Also consider that The Data Protection Act states there are obligations to follow so this is worth checking out.

#2 Get to know your community, understand the way they use technology in order to ‘mirror and match’ with your business. For example, if nearly 2 in 5 parents like to see prices of products – how could you work this into your marketing strategy? A simple start up idea is sharing offers to parents or advertising your rates including the benefits.

#3 Resourcing email marketing takes time to plan, execute and measure. This may be a task that is prioritised as important and hiring a service in to manage the process may save time and more importantly achieve the balance of building relationships both online and offline.