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NEyTCO Conference 2017: With Early Years In Mind

5 Mindful Inspirations from NEYTCO With Early Years in Mind Conference (8 minutes to read)

EYB Magazine attended the Early Years in Mind Conference hosted by NEyTCO (National Early Years Trainers & Consultants) as a press representative and was certainly in for a treat. The quality of the day remained up beat at the Hallam Conference Centre, one of London’s finest conference centres, in the heart of London West End. The hosts were friendly and thought provoking wit talks delivered by June O’Sullivan, Mine Conkbayir, Laura Henry, Ruby Wax OBE,  Dr Laura Jana. In addition the food and ambience were excellent. A good day had by all.

Getting into the day, EYB Magazine were left with five thoughts to share with readers who may want to consider reading recommended books or attending the next events held by NEyTCO in the future.

1. Early Years and Neuroscience

It makes perfect sense that the child’s mind is at the heart of our work. Our purpose at EYB Magazine is to generate a positive message despite our everyday economical challenges, in the topics of leadership and business . We accept that understanding neuroscience supports strategies to overcome mental health issues both in children and adults and as such we are passionate about supporting this movement.

During the conference, we heard from Mine Conkbayir a leading author in this field, talking from her book entitled ‘Early Childhood and Neuroscience’. Her message conveys the importance of knowing the levels of stress in the workplace and how toxic stress induce hormones that, if exposed to babies and children, can have an impact on a child’s development. A challenge every childcare setting wants to balance and raise awareness in working with children.

Mine sharing her thoughts during the break,

2. Being Inquisitive

During her talk about her childhood, Laura Henry brought a sense of serious reflection into the room when she enthused delegates about making it our business ‘to be nosey’ when it came to children crying. Why? Laura conveyed, her past experiences of attachment as a child brought the room to the forefront of today’s practice when it comes to attachment of children as well as safeguarding the needs of children. In her talk, Laura conveyed that we must not allow ourselves to get used to a child’s cry and allow ourselves as practitioners to challenge our level of empathy and care.

Laura recently published a storybook ‘Jo- Jo and Gran Gran’ based on a pre-school child and her grandmother, showing the special and loving relationship that they have. The message shared amongst professionals is to ‘be nosey’ especially through times of change for the child at home or within the setting to help a baby or child get through the most difficult times of their early years with happiness and joy. Most of all, we agreed that a number of reduced transitions in early years settings helped children have happier experiences.

Laura during her talk about attachment.

3. Upgrade our Minds

Leading into Ruby Wax OBE, in her talk she shared about “Upgrading our Minds” and we were especially keen to hear from a survivor of Bio-polar talk through her experiences. We have a specially vested interest in mental health with both adults and children because of personal reasons so when Ruby talked about making mistakes to learn from them, we easily understood the journey of openness and honesty it takes to learn about neuroscience and advocate in her capacity as a performer.

We took from her talk that the way we have been designed is so careful, our minds are truly fascinating. Ruby shared about how cortisol is produced and how mindfulness strategies are techniques to essentially trick the mind. Ruby shares her story in her book ‘A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled’.

Ruby Wax OBE and Vanessa just before her talk.

4. Fix yourself before you fix the world

Here was another quote shared by Ruby Wax. We are of the view that we are on a journey and as you fix yourself you then are able to help others. Some of our greatest mistakes we make are the ones that teach us more about the way we learn – visual, auditory or kinaesthetic. Society pressures us to do well and we can with the right mindset. As professionals and parents to become ourselves means shaping, experiences and sometimes tragedy. If mental health is part of this, we have the duty to help ourselves before we begin to start fixing the world. Certainly the message we took away is recognition, awareness and openness to continuously improve.

5. Understanding The Toddler Brain

Dr Laura Jana talked delivered a compelling talk. As a business magazine in Early Years we strive for every professional to understand the foundation of resources required to make choices to enhance experiences of children. However Dr Laura Jana’s talk about talking to parents about the similarities of business and raising a child, have really similar paradigms. Dr Jana really showed how elements of the strategic planning process aligns with today’s parenting. Her book The Toddler Brain offers a playbook for purposeful parenting in today’s complex world and lays out a strategic plan for cultivating the 21st century skills needed to succeed during the foundational first five years of life.

The day for us was truly inspiring and left us with a reason to share resources recommended on the day. Great work NEyTCO!

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