Is your setting pinteresting


Using Pinterest to find resources

If you’ve ever spent hours searching the web for an activity you once saw (but can’t quite remember where) or you’re just looking for a new twist on an old favourite, then Pinterest has the answer. The Kids and Education categories are crammed with links to activity ideas and printables, articles and blogs. Other people have done the research (and tested the activity) so you don’t have to!

Pinterest also has its own search function by pin, board and pinner so you can follow pinners or boards which are of interest to you (forgive the jargon, we are all still getting used to it).  The stream of ideas never dries up.
Try ‘The Imagination Tree’ for over 1,000 ideas all handily grouped into categories.

Using Pinterest to organise resources and plan

Unlike traditional web bookmarks, Pinterest gives you a quick reference by attaching an image to a link. You can also pin the same link to more than one board so if you want to organise your ideas by area of learning and by theme, you can just re-pin the same content over. You can even create boards for different educational approaches, such as a board dedicated to Montessori theory and activities.

Try ‘Nannyjob’ for ideas on how to organise your board and some ready-to-use themes.

Using Pinterest as publicity for your setting

Pinterest not only boosts your online presence but can function as an extension of your website. Some child minders or settings may even be able to use Pinterest instead of a website.

You can pin details of training and qualifications with links to relevant sites. This makes it ultra-easy for parents to find out about the background their potential child minder. You can pin pictures of your setting and activities that you’ve done in the past. This helps establish trust and shows continuity, especially if you have pictures from several years ago you can scan or upload to show how you have changed and evolved. You can even pin a video introducing yourself!

I haven’t actually found a great example of an Early Years setting which does this, so if you try it then let me know but try Bed, Bath & Beyond and The Body Shop for a video and some company history.

Pinterest and others alike, are quickly shaping how businesses create an online presence over having a website.
On your marks, get set…. PIN!