How to Stay Popular in the Childcare Newsletter Online World

A newsletter is an excellent approach to increase communications with your customers. This post shares some extra advantages for providers who want to convert their offline traditional practices with an online tool.

#1 Share, share share!

It is always a good idea to incorporate a share button across social media or email, into your newsletter. This helps to expand the reach of your newsletter to interested colleagues giving them the chance to subscribe to your weekly messages.

#2 Social Media Buttons

Following on from #1 it is always useful to position your social media share buttons at the top of the newsletter. We have just recently changed ours to ensure that our newsletters are more easily shared.

#3 Make it easy for subscribers to contact you

All newsletters should be interactive and have something useful for subscribers to consider. Similar to inviting comments to blogs, this should be the same for articles so do add in details of how to get in touch or links to emails to make communications flow both ways.

#4 Unsubscribe

Readers have moved on and its to the benefit to keep emails up to date and relevant so including a subscribe button enables people to opt out with ease and keep data up to date.

#5 Segments

As we are on the theme of keeping data clean, its always key to segment your target audience. For example, if you have a sign up box on your website, adding a question to your sign up form that helps organize segments ie parents, prospective parents, nursery, childminders, LA etc will help you cater each newsletter

#6 Newsletter software

There are a number of questions to think about when thinking about a piece a software for your newsletters. Here are some prompters

  • How many emails can you send?
  • How many contact sheets does the package offer?
  • Does the tool allow you to list build?
  • Are you able to track and report?
  • What about social media tools?
  • Are the templates suitable for your business?