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How to Improve Performance

“The best teachers show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”

Alexandra Trenfor

The thought of performance evaluations often most sends employees and management running for cover. Why is that?

Is it because they think their performance does not stack up to expectations? Or the review of performance for the year was not adequate?

Performance reviews are a daunting task for a supervisor and if not communicated correctly this could be a heart-wrecking blow for dedicated employees. How can we promote positive performance while offering strategies that will help staff improve and grow in their careers?  This can be accomplished by providing feedback, recognition and an opportunity for decision-making.


 Provide staff with on-going timely feedback, not just once a year when required by your HR Department. That way staff will know how they are performing and have time to improve throughout the year.


Observe your team doing something positive!  Accepting feedback can be a challenge especially in the absence of recognition. Taking the time to acknowledge employees efforts, motivates them to continue to exceed your expectations of high quality service.

Decision Making

Give team members frameworks to make decisions. When employees feel autonomous in their work environment they are more likely to follow through. These can be areas associated with their day-to-day responsibilities but are not directly related to the operation of your business.

Performance evaluations should be embraced so create a system that uses appraisals, as a tool for professional development and employees will be reminding you their review is due!

Nadia Olliverre is an epic Lifelong Learner, Facilitator, Early Childhood Educator, Adult Educator, HighScope Certified Teacher, Student and Volunteer. Phew!