How newsletters can help you predict the future

As we work with childcare businesses we find those who invest time or resource into the way they communicate and the value of building relationships are embedded into the business. As we know, good communications builds trust and strengthens relationships.

However, a childcare business may want to think about a back up plan to ensure that every important person who interacts with you has a way to connect.

What about a newsletter? Or better still an online newsletter so you news can be read anytime anywhere. The frequency is up to you. Once every month or even once every week? As long as you connected to those who matter and want to interact with your business and more importantly want to keep in touch. The benefits are immense and there are some pretty smart tools that can save you time and give you a new level of engagement with your parents, suppliers, partners, colleagues and more. 

How we can help?

Firstly we can help you understand what you business may need to do to faclitate your service users. We can help you find out  what is needed and how this solution can best fit to your childcare business.  This can range from training, to steps to using a  newsletter software or even  producing your regular newsletter for you.  We also support childcare businesses with structuring lists, copy writing newsletters and additional support with writing blogs and getting noticed on social media plus lots more.

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