Five childcare business ideas you can start today

Do you love kids, love business and love the idea of being your own boss? Great! Now you just need a childcare business idea. The truth is, there are more out there than you might think and, as long as you’ve got the drive to make it work, you’ll find the right business idea for you. Here are my five childcare business ideas you can start today, so pick one and get going!

A childminder

If a one to one connection and a lasting role into providing education and care in to a child’s life are what you are looking for, becoming a childminder could be the perfect choice. As a childminder, how much you enjoy your job will depend hugely on your relationship with the child and his or her guardians. If you have patience and can give a child a safe, secure and uplifting educational journey, you should definitely consider starting up as a childminder.

One great thing to remember: You can work at home as some families love the home experience.

A nursery

If you want your childcare business to be out of your home and that let you interact and care for a group of children, consider starting up a nursery! There are quite a few aspects to think about such as business plans, OFSTED and planning requirements, but you’ll be a crucial part of children’s lives at a time when they need a strong role model.

One great thing to remember: At a nursery, the parents are your best advertising. If you’re doing a good job with a few children, more will come soon.

A playgroup

Do you love the idea of bringing a group of children together to learn and play on a seasonal basis? A playgroup can be the perfect setting for your new business! It’s a perfect way to start up small and provide a focus on children’s education. Often term time playgroups can get access to 2, 3 and 4 year old funding if quality funding requirements are met.

One great thing to remember: Children are at their happiest when they’re learning through play. You’ll get to see the best in the young people with a playgroup.


A crèche is possibly the most challenging childcare business idea of them all. You’ll have a regular core of children, but you’ll also have those who come and go very irregularly. They’ll be harder to get to know, but, if you thrive on meeting new people, facing challenges head on and growing a business, a crèche could easily be your calling.

One great thing to remember: Getting some marketing training will help you more than you think. More than any other childcare business idea, you’re branding can bring in tons of customers to your crèche.

An after school club (or a pre-school club)

We all know parent’s timetables are a little different to children’s. They can’t always be around straight after school, or right before. Luckily, if you’ve got the courage to take on a group of young people at their most energetic, that means there’s a great business idea in it for you.

To make a before or after school club work, you need to offer something more than just a place to wait. Can you make an acoustic guitar sing to young people? Could you teach them rudimentary second language skills? These are the things that will bring children through the door to your club.

One great thing to remember: There’s so many ways to customise this one. Recently, some geniuses have even started to teach young people how to code websites! Check out Rising Stars for some more tips on keeping sessions interesting.

There are five childcare business ideas you can get started today! If you’re dreaming of starting a childcare business, stop waiting around and just do it. If you want more tips to get started, click here to download the latest issue of EYB magazine.

Would you start up any of these business ideas? Is something holding you back from them? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter at @EYBusiness.