Eight things to do before starting a childcare business

1.  Pick an age range

One of the most important things about marketing a childcare business is to have a clearly defined age range it is open to. If you’re missing this, people will wonder if your service is applicable to their children and they may look elsewhere. As soon as you have chosen an age range, you can start to tell everyone you know that your business is coming.

2.  Check out the competition

Is someone already providing exactly what you have in mind? If so, you have a few options. The easiest will be to give up and go back to the day job. But, if you’re willing to be inventive, you can change the service you are going to offer and aim to grab a different market. Or, you can take the competition head on and try to do what they do, just better!

3.  Make a website

Once you know exactly what childcare business you’re starting, you can start to tell the world. But, it’s much better to have something for them to look at. Getting a website sorted isn’t hard. In fact, there are so many services out there to help you; you’ll be online in no time. If you’re looking for a support in setting up a website, check out Moonfruit.

4.  Find a location

Unless you’re lucky enough to be able to run your business out of your home (or someone else’s), finding a location for your childcare service could be one of the biggest stumbling blocks you face. Talk to councils, sports centres and any other organisations that have control of large spaces and you should find somewhere that fits.

5.  Find some help

The sooner you get talking about the childcare service you’re starting, the sooner the help will start to come out of the woodwork. Friends, family and parents will offer to spread the word for you, and might even have an idea of how to get the business started that you haven’t thought of yet. Basically, talk about your business at any given chance. It’s the only way you’ll get all the help available.

6.  Put an end date on the day job

If you’re coming out of full time employment, choose a date in the future that you will say goodbye to it and commit fully to your childcare business. It has to be when you have enough money saved up before your new business starts making a profit. Most importantly, this date can change! It’s just good to have one to work towards. It’ll keep you passion burning when things first get tough.

7.  Investigate the support

Childcare businesses are so crucial to local communities and families. That’s why the government is ready to help. There may be grants, funding or support for childcare businesses in your local area. Make sure you talk to your council so that you don’t miss out on something that could help you get your childcare service going.

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