early years business

How does an early years business introduce change?

Do you have a system for integrating changes into your early years business?

The reason I write about this topic is that there are so many changes to make, understand and be aware of. All of this and at the same time running a business at the best level.

I have a question. How exactly do you implement a new change to your business?

Changes for some have a negative impact and so looking into ways of counteracting change, I got reading the NHS website – ‘Only One You’. I  found it interesting to read about ways to help balance family and business.

As a business owner, working with my husband, the balance to meet all the demands has its days. The ‘One You’ have developed an app you may like to download and introduce in a team meeting. Let me know if you found it useful and I will always share more of this type of information as I write these new lifestyle and business blogs. Here is the website

Here is my simple formula for introducing change into my business:

Research, Listen & Take Action

Making decisions are key to my role as both a business owner and consultant. Weighing up the pro’s and cons of any business decision is very subjective to a business owner. For the early years business, it’s a matter of stakeholder management with teams, families and children.

There are so many routes to navigate in business, for me opening my doors may help you to start thinking about how you also make decisions and how these are communicated. Always remember, not everyone will like what you do, just always know the value of your decision.

How did I end up on this topic?  I had a very personal encounter at a recent event. Over 2,000 people attended and it was very well organised. I then noted the way the organisers spoke to me, to my children and my husband. The information I was given was fresh and lovely to look at. The entire branding from website to the event was just so good. Each person I interacted with made my experience completely amazing. Something that I consider should happen often.

I was not going to walk away from this experience knowing that I could do even more in my business, it was truly inspirational.

The experience was exceptional and I wanted to take action.

So what did I do next….

I decided to change my branding style. I wanted to create an experience that my audience deserves – The Best. I wanted to create a dialogue with my community based on sharing and encouraging using my voice.

This may be something that business owners need to think about as they interact with parents.

How do you get the right balance?

What helped me personally was information available on trends and benchmarks for that brand I had an encounter with. Coupled with the effects on the audience – I was not the only one who had a positive experience.

I realise that this journey is very much about mind over matter so here are some key pointers to consider.

  • Making changes to a situation may take a lot of thought, planning and communication.
  • Listen to the views of others. People are valuable, I like to take on all views – the diversity of different people really make a difference to my decision making. I always look past how people deliver a message and assess the opinion. Is it worth developing further?
  • Take survey’s, get people together and ask guided questions. Use social media to enhance the process by asking friends and colleagues in groups you belong too for a consensus. Decision making need not be lonely.
  • Something new is always going to be a risk however that is what business is …an educated risk.
  • Nurture the seed on that decision and put valuable measures in place should it go off track so you can easily bring it back.
  • You’ll never know until you try which is why I love making decisions in my role.

The bigger question is how can we build a community that nurtures decisions, opinions and feedback that takes on all. Lets get talking and sharing creating a positive ripple effect.