Childcare business suppliers: Three great points to consider before you buy

Here are our three top reasons to ask for a discount because you’re worth it.

#1 Is the price right?

If you are regularly ordering from a supplier or service be sure to know the price ranges of the product or service you are buying and be encouraged to ask for your suppliers best price. The larger suppliers will have targets that they want to achieve and if your don’t ask how will you know if you can receive? Smaller suppliers are always looking for incentives to boost their sales and offer promotional discounts so it’s also good to keep an eye out for offers.

#2 Talk to two or more suppliers

It may take time, but it may pay off. Talk to two or more of your suppliers before making a decision and take your time. If you have the storage capacity and there are no sell by dates wholesale may be another avenue to explore.

#3 Be realistic

If you are asking for a discount also balance this with your relationship, levels of service, efficiency and quality against price. If a price of a product or service is £200 and you’re aiming for a £50 discount, if all the above are a tick on your list £175 would be an incentive for both you the buyer and the seller.

What about you? What good deals have you bargained of lately.  Share with us on Twitter @eybusiness