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How to Improve Performance

“The best teachers show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” Alexandra Trenfor The thought of performance evaluations often most sends employees and management running for cover. Why is that? Is it because they think their performance does not stack up to expectations? Or the review of performance for the year was not adequate? Performance reviews…

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Children and Families Bill Childmender Agencies

5 Insights into Childminder Agencies

No.1  Childminder Agencies can be set up by Local Authorities, Schools, Children’s Centres, Childminders, Nurseries and other interested related parties. No.2  Childminder Agency key objectives are to support training, business, finding parents, registration and overseeing quality. No.3  Childminder Agencies will be self-funded and are expected to be innovative in their service offer.  Agencies will be expected to provide a statement of…

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Early Years Parents Customer Service

How to Wow Your Parents

When we walk into our favourite department store we often know what level of service we should expect.  Each department store takes you through their own individual experience, be it fantastic or average.  Don’t you just love the feel of an expensive pair of shoes?  The luxurious box, the feel of quality packaging and even the sumptuous bag?  Whoops, I’m letting out my secrets. Well Snap! …

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