How to make your newsletter outstanding.

Planning your newsletter requires attention to detail. Here are some of our essentials that we have found useful.

#1   The subject line should be kept quite short, captivating and punchy.

# 2  A reply email address should be friendly or sent to the person who is responsible for marketing. It makes the thought behind the newsletter seem down to earth and friendly.

#3 It makes it easier for readers to have a preview of the snippet of the news or item you are sharing and then it is up to the parent to read on. Time is of the essence and by using this little trick you will find that readers will engage and even respond!

#4 Sending newsletters at the right time increases the rate of interaction. For example parents may check their inboxes very early in the morning and late at nights. Choose a time and frequency to build on relationships with readers.

# 5 As well as including news about your childcare setting, include community news, links and partnerships and events making your newsletter interactive.

#6 Given parents, OFSTED and authorities may be looking at your website before they visit your setting – why not post a few items on your website to allow others to experience the intrinsic work that takes place at your childcare setting.

If newsletter writing and planning is something that you have thought about for your setting but haven’t had the time to get a system in place, let us help.

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