13 Twitter accounts everyone running a childcare business should follow



1.      Amber Atherton – @AmberAtherton

The founder of MyFlashTrash, Amber, has built up a huge Twitter following by being really honest about what it takes to be successful in business. Want to learn some lessons from someone who has created a great business? Follow Amber Atherton.

2.     Karen Brady – @karren_brady

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As one of Britain’s leading business figures, Karren has a wealth of experience and insights to offer companies of all types and sizes.

3.      Richard Branson, Virgin entrepreneur – @richardbranson

If you want to be inspired by the best British entrepreneur around, make sure you’re following Branson. The man who has been knighted for services to entrepreneurship gives out a lot of inspiration and links to a ton of useful websites.

4.      Michael Acton-Smith, founder of Mind Candy (Moshi Monsters) – @acton

Very few people have been as successful with setting the hearts and minds of children ablaze as Michael Acton-Smith. If you want to get a glimpse at how Moshi Monsters has become such a crucial part of growing up these days, start following this account.

5.      Paul Lindley, co-founder of Ella’s Kitchen – @Paul_Lindley

Paul is another entrepreneur who has worked out exactly what children and parents love to buy. Ella’s Kitchen produces the most innovative and loved baby food products in the world, and it’s now turning over more than £50m a year. Learn from the man behind the food on his Twitter account.

6.      Willy Wynne, founder of Arena Flowers – @WillWynne

How do you build an audience on Twitter? Ask the person who has done it better than anyone else. Arena Flowers is the florist that gained 22,000 followers simply by being funny. Willy Wynne is the person behind that comedy genius, and any chance you have to imitate that social media genius is something you should grab.

7.      Mary Portas – @maryportas

She might not be loved by everyone for her very direct approach to giving advice, but that’s what makes her a great person to follow on twitter if you want to learn something about your branding and your business model. The self-proclaimed saviour of the high street has tons to say about traditional businesses and a lot of it is relevant to childcare services.

8.      Tim Ferris – @tferriss

The founder of four hour work week is still handing out advice on how to be more productive and enjoy a fuller life while running a business. This is a very inspirational and informative account to follow.

Business advice

9.      Biz Britain – @BizBritain

If you’re a young entrepreneur who has started a childcare business instead of going to university, you need to be following Biz Britain. This account and its founder, @MattGubba, are full of great inspiration and great advice.

10.  The Prince’s Trust – @PrincesTrust

Another account aimed at younger entrepreneurs, there is a lot of top quality advice available here.

11.  FamilyChildcareTrust – @FamChildTrust

This is a great account for news, research and opinions from people who genuinely care about childcare in the UK. Follow and get involved in some really important discussions!

12.  EYB Magazine – @EYBusiness

Follow us! We’re always looking to connect with the people involved in childcare services and would love to hear what you’re doing for your business, what you’ve struggled with in the past and, most importantly, what you’ve learnt!

Mostly about the prizes

13.  Shell Live Wire UK – @shelllivewireuk

Looking for information on competitions, funding, and advice? Shell Live Wire UK has it all. It also gives you a lot of chances to win great prizes for your business.


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