How to Stay Popular in the Staff Loyalty World

Do you use a reward scheme? I would like to share a thought for an added extra. Sharing day to day recognition with your team adds a layered value of loyalty.

As you manage your setting,  sighting examples of good practice and then communicating why you think a team member has done well, is not only rewarding but also a way to build a healthy work place culture.

Just think about the number of children and parents your employees impact. Countless! I have walked into shops like GAP and seen them having early morning team briefings to discuss their motivations and goals of the day. What a good idea (if you have not implemented this already)!

Offering day to day recognition through examples of good work ethics is something we must celebrate with our teams – although informal, linking these into the childcare business settings reward schemes celebrates who we are as professionals.

Sharing one’s appreciation goes a long long way.